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Sithar Coffee Company started as the leading grower, processor and roaster of quality coffee in Myanmar. Our objective is to increase income for coffee farmers and upgrade their living standards while to raise quality of Myanmar coffee to international stage.

Sithar In Food & Beverage Industry Our experience in coffee started since 1996, when we first established relationship with UCC of Japan and started importing quality coffee green beans from coffee growing countries of Latin America, Caribbean, and Africa to Myanmar for roasting.

In 2004, we went further upstream growing our own Arabica coffee at our model coffee farm “Sithar Coffee Farm” at Pyin Oo Lwin at elevation above 3300+ ft (1100 meter).

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Pyin Oo Lwin Coffee

At one of the largest coffee growing regions of Myanmar, Pyin Oo Lwin is elevated above 1100+ metre elevation. Using 40+ acres of Mixed Arabica varietal from Sithar Coffee Estate, blended with carefully selected cream of the crops within Pyin Oo Lwin farms having good soil condition at higher altitude give out Arabica Coffee a high taste profiles and rich aroma. Only ripe cherries are hand-picked and sun dried systematically and roasted with passion …

Mya Ze Di Coffee

Mya Ze Di is a flagship specialty coffee community from YwarNgan at Southern Shan, already reached shelves at Nordstrom at USA. This is Sithar Coffee’s footprints in socio economic sustainability for coffee communities the pride of every Danu, Pa-O, Palaung and Southern Shan.Myazedi Specialty Coffee Community of YwaNgan, Southern Shan was the first of Myanmar’s Specialty Coffee community and one of the earliest batches exported to the United States with ……

Luigi Lupi Blend

Mr.Lugi Lupi visited Myanmar 1st time on invitation by Sithar Coffee in June 2016 to raising professionalism of baristas and stakeholders in Myanmar’s coffee industry. Mr.Lugi Lupi, while giving training to baristas and cupping Myanmar coffee, became fond of the quality of Myanmar’s Arabica and Robusta, when the idea about Sithar Coffee’s Lugi Lupi blend seeded for the development of this coffee blend.To have a great coffee, we do different roasts profile of Arabica and ……

Myanmar’s Specialty

Sithar Coffee is the pioneer in development of specialty coffee with coffee growing communities. English missionaries brought coffee to Myanmar in 1885 to Myanmar’s South at Tanintharyi Division. Coffee planting gradually moved up north to Karen, then to Shan and Mandalay.
Nowadays, Myanmar’s coffee production is at only around 2000 MT; quality initiative has kicked start in Myanmar to penetrate into the world market as specialty and now reaches to United States, Switzerland, Japan and Korea.……



Mya Ze Di coffee community of Ywar Ngan and Sithar Coffee signs a MOU for socioeconomic, educational, and health care development of community while Sithar Coffee to mobilize

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Hosted by Sithar Coffee, Luigi Luipi can bring authenticity of global coffee culture to Myanmar, raising professionalism and creating better life for coffee professionals and coffee enthusiast.

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eco tourism

Discover the true meaning of farm-to-table with a guided tour and tasting at one of the country’s premier coffee plantations. Sithar coffee farm founded in 1996 located on the hill town at 3300 feet,

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Every beverage is a combination of “Art”, “Craft”, and “Sciene”, and we are privilege to be the authorized distributor of Davinci Gourmet. Sithar in-house mixologists and bartenders are supported by Research

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Matcha made from Tencha, very specific tea leaves that have been sun shaded for slower growth to maximising “Umami” for natural sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness giving the taste

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40 Acres Sithar Coffee Plantation is located at a 1100+ meter elevated lush resort town Pyin Oo Lwin, an hour and half drive from Myanmar’s second largest city Mandalay and beside the highway connecting to China.

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