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As the founding member of Myanmar Coffee Association, Sithar Coffee takes part in Myanmar Coffee Expo at Seattle, United States, one important market for Myanmar Coffee

Sithar Coffee participation in China conincided with Sino-Myanmar political and economic ties greats for a new partnership with Myanmar’s State Counselor already at Beijing, People’s Republic of China.


2018 15th China ASEAN Expo highlights City Pha-An and Sithar is satisfied to take part together including Myanmar’s ethnic minorities including with the Karen people promoting Karen Coffee. Friendly ties with neighboring market is one of our priorities for Sithar.

With support from the People Republic of China, Sithar and Yunnan State Farm Group discusses Sino-Myanmar coffee and agricultural linkage and leveraging Myanmar’s agricultural belt for China’s Feed the Future program.


Sithar Coffee joins Myanmar Festival Tokyo with Madame Abe Akie (Spouse of Japanese Prime Minister)

The very first integration of Myanmar Tourism with Myanmar agricultural produce. In support of the Myanmar Tourism Federation and Myanmar Restauranteur Association, Sithar Coffee is brewed and served to visitors at Myanmar Tourism Booth, a Food Court, and press conference at Japan International Tourism Conference

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