Sithar is proud to employ the fleet of Dierich Roasters. We use the latest Infrared Technology from DIEDRICH. Using five senses- sound, sight, touch, smell and taste, our staffs on ground operating the roasters have average experience of 10+ years roasting coffee. We only employ our roasters who have passion in coffee and who understands cupping: therefore having the complex chemistry of coffee throughout the roast process.

We are also proud of our female roast master, not finishing school, joined her profession in coffee starting as a barista, then gradually became a roast master, aided by our chief cupper for espresso based and drip coffee, who started a career as a waiter with Sithar, now chief cupper and director of operations for Sithar.

We are also continuously upgrading our roasting with SCA experts from European and American chapter experts, and in alignment with roasters in Australia for new trends and new roast profiles.