Every beverage is a combination of

“Craft”, “Science”, and “Art”

Crafted in single batches using hand picked Mojito mint and sun ripened Brazilian lime juice.
Contains real fruit juice to provide more depth of flavour and balance.

Create delicious signature drinks by leveraging the powerful flavor of fresh Cuban mint. Create high quality drinks efficiently by eliminating the need to muddle mint or squeeze lime.

With each sip, you can taste every ingredient of a traditional Mojito and the intense aroma of Cuban mint. Tastes better than competitive Mojito syrups-more flavour less sweetness.


We are privilege to be the authorized distributor of Davinci Gourmet. Sithar in-house mixologists and bartenders are supported by Research and Development from Davinci International, yet and open-source and crowd-sharing programmes of beverages by other local professionals in Food & Beverate industry, not only creates innovation but add differentiation in flavors with Davinci.